MacBee – intra

What is MacBee intra?

MacBee intra represents a privileged part of the website where only members can enter. It is a database that contains all data and information of investigated characteristics of honey bee colonies from A. m. macedonica population. The frequency of publishing is made daily, monthly, annually on a  level of a honey bee colony, apiary and region. In addition to the data, MacBee intra also publishes monthly and annual reports or other analysis that will provide information  for successful breeding of honey bee colonies within the regions.

MacBee membership!

Every member has access to their own data, but also they have access to the other members’ data in which they acquire with necessary information (database, reports, analyzes etc.) for suitable and on time reaction in the process of breeding honey bee colonies.

On time Information about current activities of the association and participation in privileged conditions in study trips, purchase of equipment and materials, etc.

Participation in projects for protection of Macedonian honey bee (Apis melifera macedonica).

Accessibility to literature from the area of biology of honey bees, free education within the association and etc.

How to become a MacBee member?

In order to become a MacBee member, you must fulfill the following criteria:

Own recommendation by an existing member of MacBee.

Own at least 12 honey bee colonies so that you can participate in the MacBee’s research activities.

To participate in the research activities of the association and to provide data for them.

To follow the established methodology, protocol of breeding and testing honey bee colonies. ( The protocol is delivered only to the MacBee members)

To have at least five years beekeeping experience.

To contact the president of MacBee.

To follow the provisions of the MacBee’s Statute.