Research and testing

RESEARCH AND TESTING of honey bee colonies of Apis melifera macedonica population in terms of the following characteristics:

– Number of bees
– Numbers of cell with open brood
– Number of cells with sealed brood
– Number of cells with pollen
– Production of honey
– Level of expression of defensive behavior
– Frequency and intensity of swarming behavior
Overwintering food consumption
– Infestation level with Varroa destructor
Infection level with Nosema spp.

Comparison of honey bee colonies in relation to the above characteristics, within experimental apiaries and between experimental apiaries and regions is the basic idea of this research. Activities are in progress, and including of experimental apiaries from other regions of the Republic of Macedonia is priority for MacBee. Laboratory analyses of certain characteristics are conducted in the Laboratory of Apiculture at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food in Skopje. MacBee is providing training courses for proper testing of experimental colonies (Results).